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How He Loved Them
Prufer considers the complex relationship between beauty and violence in his remarkable seventh collection of poetry, tracing the barely perceptible ways that industrial modernity 'gilds us until we glitter.' . . . An accomplished, highly nuanced inquiry into spectacle and spectatorship”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
Prufer writes with deceptive calmness. No other poet in the U.S. so effectively employs unembellished language in the service of wildly inventive renderings as he does, and How He Loved Them, his seventh collection, is a confessional, hallucinatory warning about the future we are constructing.... 

—Kevin Clark, The Georgia Review

The poems are startling. Our world seems newly overtaken by violence and disorder—or maybe it’s our awareness of these things that seems newly intensified. Prufer has a way of incorporating all this in his poetry, and I’m impressed by his way with the poetic line, which is both simple and elegant.  

—Richard Tillinghast, Ploughshares


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